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Welcome to Yoga Nieuw Vennep!

Yoga Nieuw Vennep offers daily yoga classes and monthly yoga workshops for all ages and abilities. We pride ourselves on quality and personal attention in a comfortable and friendly studio in Haarlemmermeer area, close to Hoofddorp. 


We offer both dynamic yoga classes and restorative classes.


Yoga is a science to connect the mind and body. To cultivate more awareness and to create a state of physical, mental and emotional balance. It is a practice to connect to yourself. It is both energising and relaxing. The body becomes both stronger and more flexible as the mind becomes clearer so that patterns of anxiety and tiredness can be overcome.

Garden Buddha in Nieuw Vennep

The Studio 

Yoga Classes for Everyone

Our yoga classes focus on structural alignment of the body using the Iyengar method. We teach the muscles to support the bones in correct alignment. Strengthening the muscles around the joints and creating space in the joints for a healthy and strong body.


The structured, methodical, practical approach results in a clear understanding of asanas, a solid foundation, developing strength, stamina, flexibility, balance and concentration.


Classes at our studio in Nieuw Vennep will include standing poses, seated poses, forward bends, back bends, twists and inversions. All asanas can be modified to suit individual needs and capabilities.


Are you new to yoga? Are you new to our studio Yoga Nieuw Vennep? Our studio is close to Hoofddorp. Our yoga classes are accessible to everybody and you can just drop in to join. 

Trial class €15

Second class FREE


Join us at any yoga class at the studio in Nieuw Vennep or contact us to chat to our head teacher and studio owner Sarah-Jane to see which yoga class is best for you and how to get started. 

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