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In Iyengar Yoga there is an emphasis on structural alignment of the body. A logical sequencing of asanas, time in the asana and the creative use of props is unique in the Iyengar yoga practice versus other yoga practices.


Props such as blankets, blocks chairs and belts can be used to allow each individual to penetrate deeper into the posture for exact body alignment. The benefits of using props in the tradition of Iyengar yoga allows you to practice asanas with greater precision and stability. With this support you are able to stay in the asana longer. When the body is supported, the mind can open and accept the benefits of the yoga. 

Using a physical discipline to cultivate deep awareness and connection, transforming it to a spiritual practice... Working from the body to the mind, continuing the refinement of gross to subtle...

If you want to know more about B.K.S. Iyengar, you can read more here. 


Iyengar Yoga 

Iyengar - Yoga Guru


Yoga Teacher Cle Souren


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