Holistic Massage

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Holistik Treatments at Yoga Nieuw Vennep

We offer holistic treatments in Yoga NIeuw Vennep studio by the talented Goldios from Czeck Republic. She is offering her special Mantic Massage, Cranio-Sacral Osteopathy and Healing-Chakra Rebalancing. Read more about each type of massage below. 

You can book directly with Goldios via Whatsapp on +420778036138, email her or contact her via Facebook.

Types of Massages


Cranio- Sacral osteopathy is a very gentle, yet powerful, hands on form of treatment that encourages the body back to “stillness” where healing can take place. It is suitable for everyone from the youngest baby to the oldest man or woman.


Craniosacral treatment is all about “listening” to he body’s intrinsic rhythms and pulsations for patterns of congestion and resistance using touch, and gentle  manipulation.Through this deep listening, the therapist encourages a rebalancing and revitalization of the system and assists in the release of resistances and tensions in the tissues and fluids of the body. This very gentle but powerful therapy can help a wide variety of issues.

Mantic Massage

Aromatherapy, Deep tissue, Healing, Reflexology

This special therapeutic massage I have developed over the last 10 years of my experience, working with the body. I work holistically, that means, I work on all levels energetical, physical, emotional and mental. My massages are combined with all my knowledge, guided by my intuition. I will invite your body to reactivate its self healing system. The amazing effect of caring touch and attention. Reconnecting to your true self, and to the whole being. My treatment is about to by absolutely present with you and react on what ever there is and needs to be done. Getting you back to your full potential. Every body knows how to heal and regenerate, if we give the opportunity and the right intentions.


During the massage, I will play an special healing music with frequencies, which helps create a state of ”meditation" and relaxation.


I’m using special high vibration - living oils, which I make my self. They are made from wild plants, flowers and herbs, which I make and harvest in specific days depending on moon, time of the year.



Energy healing/ chakra rebalancing will connect the mind, body and spirit.


It will help to restore balance and harmony in the energy system, placing you in a position to self heal. 



12.00 - 16:30



12.00 - 18:00



12.00 - 15:00



11.00 - 17:30 


12.00 - 16:30 


13.00 - 16:30

* available starting times, or ask for other times

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Prices are:

€55 for 55 min

€70 for 75 min

€35 for 60 min distance healing